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HWCupola™ Valve is a high performance special valve and is used all over the world in Material Handling Systems in a wide range of industries.
HWCupola™ Valve are capable of handling powdery and granular materials like fly ash, bottom ash, boiler bed sand and limestone. The HWCupola™ Valve has a simple construction and automatically inflating sealing mechanism which operates with compressed air ensuring minimized wearing. The HWCupola™ valve closes also through the material, opening the material flow only a quarter turn from fully closed to fully open.
The design of HWCupola™ Valve makes it extremely reliable and easy to maintain, providing long maintenance intervals.


Benefits of the HWCupola Valve

• Simple and reliable construction
• Full opening for material flow
• Opening and closing through the material flow
• Long operating life
• Copes with high temperature materials
• Construction pressures up to 68 bar
• No moving wear parts
• Low maintenance

 Extremely reliable HWCupola™ Valve for your valuable process.



Technical specifications

  nominal pressure 10 bar

  Cupola material :(AISI 316, CF-8/M, A216 WCB)

  body cast iron or construction steel

  temperature max 200 degrees

  pneumatic actuator limit valve for sealing pressure


Special Construction

  top/bottom adaptor

  water cooling (max 300 degrees)


Optional equipment

  solenoid valves, pressure switches, limit switches

     pressure gauges, booster regualtor


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